Hello! My name is Darya.                          
I make the pattern for embroidery picture or any picture you like you.

For those who love to sew a unique opportunity to obtain a pattern designed specifically for you, in your favorite photo or image. You can embroider portrait of your child or your own wedding or just a favorite photo. 

To order, send your photos patterns to

Examples of embroidery picture here
monochrome diagram picture (sepia or shades of gray) - $ 30.
color pattern for photos - $ 50.
pattern on the picture - from $ 40. (depending on the size and number of colors)
drawing little diagrams manually (up to 100x100 cr.) - $ 40. 
Price valid outside Russia.

How is a Pattern done
Patterns from photographs made in a special computer program. Your photo or image is processed in it and it turns out so-called "run" - automatically creates the schema.
But embroider on such a pattern is inconvenient: a set of single crosses, broken parts, merging contours of "excess" of colors and shades, which are in the finished embroidery often "merge" or "polluted" and it is not necessary. Therefore, the "run" is subjected to manual editing. Cell by cell seen the whole pattern, aligned and drawn paths, the maximum is removed (if it does not spoil the finished embroidery) single crosses, actually reduced to the required number of colors, replaced some explicitly Mismatched colors etc. In general, I almost "embroider" your work, just using a computer mouse :) At the moment I work with a palette manually edited by the original DMC color card from the official website of the company that makes it possible to assert that the finished embroidery will not be particularly different from image-preview.

The work, as you know, is quite laborious and requires time and attention. Why not do it for free, though, and I love this job.

Many sites are now available for free pattern for embroidery, and make it yourself using a variety of computer programs. But on sites with free production patterns you get the "run", and self-development of the pattern of course requires some computer skills and less patience than the process of embroidering. If you are interested in my proposal, you may only need to send me e-mail a photo or image you liked, pay the cost of the work and receive the pattern

What is included in the cost of pattern development: 
To make high-quality pictures of the pattern for embroidery need to work hard and spend a few hours or days to create it. So people did not have any illusions about the seeming simplicity of the process will paint detail how it works: 

1. Processing photos in Photoshop.
Yes, yes, any photo studio and even professionally made to handle. Typically, this includes:
- Crop;
- Remove extra small details;
- Replacement or full background removal, (cost)
- Alignment of the light incident on the face - softening shadows, removing glare from the flash or the sun
- Working with color (more saturated and vivid color / more delicate) and the light in the photo
2. Import images into Pattern Maker. Then, the following operations:
- Selection of the optimal size of a cross to be clearly legible face, eyes, lips. Is the smallest size without loss of quality;
- Selection of the optimal number of colors.
Selected again, the smallest possible number of colors, smooth transitions and lack of color stains. In my patterns there are no "extra" color 3-5 crosses, usually leave color when more than 100 crosses, except the eyes and lips, where the threshold of 10 crosses. If necessary, add a hood (mixed colors). 
- Manual debugging details, including eye - well, completion of the program can not do, because does not realize that he was dealing with a human face.
- Removing the "single" - crosses are far from the main group of the same color.

3. Translation pattern from the program in a graphics file. 
Their patterns I translate into pictures and insert in Mocrosoft Word document. 

Which photo is better to choose for the pattern: 
Photos should be quite clear, not blurry and not blurry. And, of course, is not small or group. For example, pictures of people having fun at a picnic, is unlikely to get enough clear pattern for embroidery. A stitch family photos is better to choose those in which the person removed fairly close-up. All the details can be discussed or clarified immediately upon personal correspondence. Immediately I could answer you, if I can out of this picture or diagram of a good quality picture, or is it a waste of my and your time.

The same applies to any other pictures. Picture loaded more fine detail, blurred, faded or too small to create a schema is not suitable. It is best to obtain a pattern of contrast, bright image with clear margins. Sure, I can handle the picture to get of it could ultimately is any pattern, but will it be a satisfactory outcome to say in advance is extremely difficult. 

You can send me a photo or image and do not meet these requirements. There are always exceptions to the rule, and sometimes quite unexpected and out of small images obtained quite decent pattern. But it is - rather rare. Try, of course, is always 

How long does it take to develope a pattern: 
I usually make a pattern in 2-3 days. It depends on the complexity and on my spare time of course. I try to "squeeze" of a sinhle photo as much as possible to have a perfectly clear pattern, bright with a minimum of unwanted and odd details and as close as possible to the original. 
I finish the pattern and send the customer only when I am satisfied with the result. Often make a few options to choose from. Therefore ordering pattern have you not "run" for 5 minutes, and a quality product, which spent at least a few hours.

How can I pay?
You can pay by 2 payment systems: Paypal and Moneyboockers
You will learn the details by mail